This timber has a rich, reddish brown hue that is characteristic of many mahogany woods. Overtime it will darken, and when it’s stained and polished it has a beautiful sheen that brings out the red tones.


Fijian Mahogany has a tight grain pattern that is relatively straight with subtle patterns. It is often free of pockets and voids with few knots.


The Fijian Mahogany wood at Sustainable Mahogany Supplies has been plantation grown and sustainably harvested to ensure that forests are protected and the latest techniques are used. Currently, Fijian Mahogany is not an endangered species of wood.

Workability & Maintenance

Fijian Mahogany timber continues to be a much sought-after wood. Its versatility and durability have seen it used for everything from furniture to boats to custom-made guitars.

Fijian Mahogany can be worked easily with both hand tools and machine tools for a variety of projects. Once the project is complete it requires little upkeep, taking on stains well and resisting rot. It is also moderately resistant to insects, which makes it a good selection for outdoor projects.

Durability & Strength

The strength to weight ratio of this timber is one of its best features. The straight grains aid in making boards highly durable, giving it impressive bending and compressive strength.